Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)

The purpose of our Mission is to move forward in providing Aid to folks who need help because of fire, flood, tornado or other disaster. We are volunteers who help to educate others with a heart to give aid to those in need. — SK KC5YGG Bobbi Goodson

We Want You!!! — Join ARES Today!

To get involved with ARES, you simply need to fill out the application. You can start this process by clicking this link. You’ll need to select your county on the map, (hopefully Cleveland), select the VOLUNTEER position, enter some contact information, and don’t stress over the Comments section. This is not a contest, and there is no wagering. ARES membership is available to amateur radio operators of any license class. No experience is necessary. Join today, while you’re here, and then start your online training, as you have time, as shown below.

Simulated Emergency Test 2016

Each year the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) runs a Simulated Emergency Test (SET) and we will participate in this event. This year’s event is described in the following ARES Oklahoma 2016 SET Plan. Cleveland County ARES will schedule a net on 147.060 MHz on Sunday morning October 2nd, 2016 at 10:00 local time to pass some simulated traffic. Take a look at the plan, and see if you can provide some help with this activity. We’ll check in to a statewide DMR net at 11:00 am local, the same date to pass some traffic to the rest of the system.

FEMA Training

One of the requirements of being an ARES member is to continue to attend a number of online training sessions. FEMA offers a number of these on-line, and they can be accessed at the FEMA Indepedent Study website.

ARRL Communications Training

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) has a number of training classes, and the one that is required for ARES work can be found on the ARRL Online Communications Classwebsite.

ARES Documents

ARES Oklahoma

More information is available about Oklahoma ARES is available at