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Help: Write Issue Summaries

Now that the issues have been scanned and processed, we'd like to extend this project to provide some text summaries of each issue. Should you be so inclined, we would appreciate you writing a summary for some issues. List the highlights of each clubs' report, and some interesting items that you read in the rest of the issue. These text descriptions will help search engines pickup information on these pages. Please send your summary along with the month/year you are summarizing to WB5ULK.

Help: Promote This Site

Please share this site with your friends and fellow hams that may have an interest in the Central Oklahoma Radio Amateurs' newsletters.

Please point them toward w5nor.org/ce so they can join in on the fun.

Help: Provide Content

We're still looking for a few old issues of the CORA C&E newsletter. There's a detailed list on the home page. If you have one of these, please contact WB5ULK and he'll arrange for us to get that copy.

Also, if you know of any other old local amateur radio newsletters, we'd love to archive them as well. Contact WB5ULK and he'll arrange for us to get those copies, as well.

Help: Join The Club

We'd love for you to join us in this, and other efforts. Join the South Canadian Amateur Radio Society (SCARS), visit the meetings, check in to our on-the-air nets, and support your neighbors that are hams. More information can be found on the club's membership page.

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