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Amateur Radio Technician Class Outline

This is the outline for the class that was run by the SCARS group in January of 2013. Feel free to use this as a guide for your own self study.

Week 1

Chapter 1. Welcome to Amateur Radio

Week 2

Chapter 2. Radio Signals and Fundamentals

Week 3

Chapter 3. Electricity, Components, and Circuits

Week 4

Chapter 4. Propagation, Antennas and Feedlines

Week 5

Chapter 5. Amateur Radio Equipment

Week 6

  • Chapter 6: Communication With Other Hams

    • Band plans, making contacts, using repeaters: Module 13
    • Nets, emergency communications, special activities, modes and techniques: Module 14
    • Control operators, station identification, third-party communications: Module 18
    • Graphics/Figures for Week 6

  • Chapter 7: Licensing Regulations

Week 7

Week 8