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Installation Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

Half the fun is installing the gear. Some of us even enjoy the process of installation more than actually pressing the button. This page highlights a number of different installations, and information about installing, connecting, and operating amateur radios.

W7RDR Mobile Installation

QSL.net has an article written by W7RDR that gives a great number of tips and tricks to installing a mobile radio in this PDF article.

ARRL's List of Auto Manufacturer Policies

In the old days you could just mount a radio to the dash, and screw in an antenna to get your car or truck 'on-the-air'. Now, with computers, batteries, noise filters, and auto installation policies you might do a bit more checking before you break out the drill. The ARRL has a list of the major auto makers' policies on installing radio gear in their vehicles, to maintain the warranty.