Siren Test Net

The purpose of this net is to collect reports on the function of the City of Norman’s outdoor warning system siren units.

The city, in conjunction with most other jurisdictions in the Central Oklahoma area, tests their outdoor warning siren (OWS) system every Saturday at Noon local time.

The current OWS was purchased in 2011. The new system entirely replaced an earlier system that had some components dating back to Cold War attack siren days and that did not cover the entire city.

While the new system has built in telemetry and remote diagnostics members of the South Canadian Amateur Radio Society can provide value to the city by collecting direct observations of the proper functioning of the individual siren units.


Net Structure

The SCARS/Norman Saturday Noon Siren Net is conducted as a roll-call net on the SCARS UHF repeater (443.7+ MHz, 141.3 Hz tone). Participating stations will wait until called to transmit their report. When called, each operator will reply with the station’s callsign, their assigned outdoor warning siren number, and “Test Good” or “Test Fail”. At the end of the roll call, stations with a “Test Fail” status will be queried for details of the failure for transmission to the City of Norman Emergency Management Coordinator.

Volunteers Needed

For this net to fulfill its mandate, volunteers are needed. Please consult the map above and the spreadsheet at this link to determine which siren is closest to your station’s location. Ideally, operators will “adopt” the siren nearest their homes. The only requirement is that volunteers be around most Saturdays at noon and that they be able to reliably report on the status of their adopted siren.

Sample Siren Sound

For those of you who need to have something to compare to, Ed Hatch AG5DV has provided us with a stereo, near field recording of Siren 20. Yes, this audio is probably loud, and will definitely wake the neighbors. Please play at your own risk. It sounded for three minutes, on the afternoon of August 5, 2017: