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January 1975 Issue

This is what would be the final edition of the Aereonautical Center Amateur Radio Club's Collector & Emitter newsletter. In this issue they discuss the option of creating a common newsletter, through CORA. Members of MORI, ACARC, VHF, and the Autopatch clubs had gotten together in November 1974, and December 1974 to discuss this process. Each club would receive 3 pages of the newsletter, that they could provide camera-ready copy for the editor, Joe Harding, WA5ZNF to assemble. This states that ACARC was spending about $75 per month to mail their newsletter to their members. The sense of urgency seems to be around a proposed 12 or 13 cent postage increase. The new CORA C&E would run about $20 monthly, plus a $30 setup fee for address-o-graph plates. ACARC would vote on this at their January 3, 1975 meeting.

About 50 members, and YLs met for their December 1974 meeting, at Sir George's restaurant. ARRL SET will be held January 25/26, 1975.

Homer Bettis, W5LFG is listed as a silent key.

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