630 Meter Operation

John Langridge KB5NJD is one of the major players in the ‘new-to-hams’ 630-meter band. This operation takes place around 475 kHz, below the AM band. John and the 630 crew have been testing the waters on these bands for years using an experimental license. The rest of us finally got access to these bands at the end of 2017.

Register Your Location

To use the 630 meter band, you must first notify the Utilities Technology Council (UTC) that you intend to use the 630-meter band from this website. 

Power Amplification

Ken Robertson K5DNL, another 630 M tester, from Shawnee, OK will be joining us to answer any local operating questions.

More Links

John Langridge KB5NJD has a great set of links on his web site that will help you get parts, radios, kits, and other information.

John’s Wall of Flame

John Langridge KB5NJD made it very clear that there are different ways of working with these low frequencies. Using your normal HF skills and procedures might get you killed. On his web site he has a Wall Of Flame to demonstrate some of the mistakes that others have made. Use these as learning tools to keep you from appearing on his Wall Of Flame.