Youth Amateur Radio

SCARS works hard to include the next generations in the hobby we so dearly love. This page is for the youth, or the young-at-heart that want to experience amateur radio. So, if you have something you’d like to add, please contact Mark Kleine N5HZR, and we’ll get it added to this page.

In addition, we’re looking to extend our outreach to the nextgen hams. If you’d like to be involved in that process, or have youth that would be interested in learning about amateur radio, please contact Michelle Carey W5MQC for more information.

Icom Comic books

Radio manufacturer Icom has created a set of comic books that can be downloaded for youth, and their parents. Feel free to spread these to all that will read.

Volume 1 The Odyssey Begins (Download) – Coloring Book 1

Volume 2 Lost in Seattle (Download – Coloring Book 2

Volume 3 Mady goes to England (Download) – Coloring Book 3

Volume 4 Fun at Field Day (Download) – Coloring Book 4

Volume 5 Max in Space (Download) – Coloring Book 5

Volume 6 Let’s Go Island DXing! (Download) – Coloring Book 6

Volume 7 Ham Radio To The Rescue! (Download) – Coloring Book 7