Solar Weather Report

The South Canadian Amateur Radio Society (SCARS) has collected some solar weather-related information that hams can use to predict their signal propagation.

Today’s Solar-Terrestrial Weather Data

Amateur radio operators use signals that are affected by solar radiation. The good people at HAMQSL provide a great source of information that hams can use to see how the bands are going to act before they turn on the radio. Click here for more information about current solar radiation information.

Current Solar Data

Today’s Sunspot Information

The HF radio signals used by amateur radio operators rely on the storms that occur on the Sun. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory provides daily images of the Sun and the storms that appear on the surface. The image shown here is the current view of the Sun, and if you click on that image, you’ll view the SOHC website to learn more about the Sun.

Sunspot Data

Space Weather Information

Dr. Tamitha Skov has a great website called that talks about the current solar weather and the solar forecast for the coming days. So, if you’re planning a weekend activity, take a look here to make sure your radio experience is at its best.

ISES Space Weather

The International Space Environment Service has a great site with photos, charts, and predictions about upcoming solar activities.

Aurora Forecast for Alaska

The University of Alaska Fairbanks puts together a great forecast of the Aurora activity. They also have some great archives. Click here for that web page.

Images of the Sun

NASA maintains a couple of satellites that monitor the sun. One of the satellites is ahead of the earth’s path, and the other trails behind our trajectory. The rotating image combines those two visuals to give a 3D view of the activity on the sun.


NOAA / NWS Space Weather Page

NOAA and the NWS have teamed up to prepare a page of space weather information with a ton of good content.

Continental US Current Band Conditions

This page,, provides current band conditions, updated every 30 seconds, on most of the HF bands. Green here is good. Red means crank up the power amplifiers. After a few minutes, the page will go white, and you’ll need to hit the refresh button to tell the servers you are still watching.

Solar Activity & HF Propagation

Paul Harden NA5N has a great PDF document that talks about Solar Activity & HF Propagation. Lots of great tips and tricks to help decode the solar information and how it can assist us hams.