Golden Thumb Award

The Order of the Golden Thumb is a secret organization of the South Canadian Amateur Radio Society (SCARS), in Norman, OK. This group exists to support, and recognize the efforts of individual amateur radio operators that have caused the repeater timeout timer to engage. Yes, these individuals are so engrossed in their activities, that they neglect the passage of time, to an extent that exceeds the nominal 3 minute timer of the repeaters. Once recognized for this behavior, these individuals are presented with the coveted trophy shown here, and are emblazened with this marker for life.


By virtue of the authority vested by the bylaws in the President of the Order of the Golden Thumb, Thereis hereby officially recognized:

The Golden Thumb Award

Whereas: Those will be officially recognized by the Order of the Golden Thumb who time out the repeater while gloriously gabbing and paying little attention to time.

Whereas: Those who have been identified to the prior criteria be officially awarded, in the presence of their peers, the official Golden Thumb trophy. Suitable for mounting.

Whereas: Those who have been identified to the prior criteria will furthermore become a part of an elite society. Recognized from here to eternity.

Therefore: Let it be known to all in attendance, and spread throughout all of hamnation that these who are honored today be forever admitted to the Order of the Golden Thumb.

May this honor be received in the good natured humor that it is presented.


The following have been recognized by their peers, and have been awarded the Order of the Golden Thumb:

Harold Black – October 22, 2016

Bobby Arms NE5Y – October 8, 2016


Gordon Hudson WX5GOR – October 8, 2016


Denny WA6DKD – October 8, 2016