Silent Keys

A deceased amateur radio operator is referred to as a “silent key”. Since the telegraph key was historically the way an operator operated their radio, this term honors that these operators whose key has become silent.

List of Silent Keys

The Silent Keys listed below contributed to the success of the SCARS that you know today.

Callsign Name
N5EAI SK Carolyn Ahern
KA5ETQ SK Harvey Albright
KU5B SK Jack Bickham
W5MCN SK Leland Black
W5MCN XYL SK Wilma Lee Black June 3, 2018
W7DAD SK Jerry Broudy
K5LDE SK Fred Chapman Charter Member
W5DOH SK Alan Taylor Councill  January 2, 2018
WB5WJW SK Robert Elb
W5ZAX SK David A. Dary March 13, 2018
W5UZD SK Louis C. de Stwolinski
AA5TU SK Robert L Du Bois
AC5AP SK Kenneth Gastgeb
N5HZX SK Fred Goodwin
WD5HPU SK Jim Greenshields
W5PNO SK Joseph Hallett
KC5RVF SK Johnny Ray Hobaugh
N5IUB SK Barney Kahoe
KC5ABI SK Louis J. Kennedy
KG5AE SK Elizer Lugo
KE5KJB SK Richard “Dick” Lundstrom
WB5UUX SK Charlie McCown
KB5FCI SK Keith Miller
N5MAF SK Earl LeRoy Mixon
KA5KWM SK Hershell Morris
AC5VT SK Henrik “Hank” Mork January 1, 2017
W5AVK SK John Nelson
N5OQW SK Betty Neptune
KA5EFJ SK Ken Neptune
K5KDR SK Billy Oliver
W5EOD SK Hugh Reynolds
W2OCM SK Frank Rizzo
W5NCN SK Robert “Bob” Ramon Salmon
KD5JSD SK John Sauer
W5DON SK Don Schader
WD5HAM SK Bonnie Speer
W5SQJ SK Jess Speer
K5JVS SK Jack Springer
KD5JPL SK Dr. Bob Sullivan July 31, 2012
KB5LMX SK Dr. Martin (Martie) Tippie October 8, 2016
K5CX SK Howard O. (H.O.) Townsend – ex WA5MLT May 30, 2014
AG5OK SK Gerald Turner January 13, 2017
W5YKW SK Dean Waddell February 19, 2004

Know Any Additions?

This list has been assembled by the club over the years of operation. If you know of a SCARS related Silent Key, please send this information to Mark Kleine N5HZR to have them added to this tribute.