Battery Information

Hams use mobile radios to communicate with each other. All of these mobile devices use batteries to provide the power to operate. This page lists a number of resources that talk about batteries, and their use in Amateur Radio.

Lithium Iron Phosphate vs. Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

KF7IJZ provides a great video comparison of an AGM sealed lead acid battery vs. a couple Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. These two batteries are A123, and Bioenno, respectively. Use this to compare these two technologies. After watching this video, it’s hard to justify a sealed lead acid battery system.

Flint Hills Radio

Once you start working with battery power, you quickly learn that you need some switching gear to select the proper power path. Flint Hills Radio has a couple power gate and solar control devices that work well for amateur radio systems.

West Mountain Radio

If you’re looking for the mother lode of battery power connection devices, West Mountain Radio has them all. Power switchers, solar power controllers, and low-voltage cutouts are just the start of their line. And, they even exhibit at Ham-Com, in Dallas!