Outdoor Warning Siren List for Okc

Siren #E/W StreetN/S StreetLandmarkRun
0014460 SW 104th60
002S Rockwell4926 S Rockwell St60
003SW 29th and S Eagle Ln60
0047126 SW 29th St60
005W Reno11170 W Reno Ave60
00676 N Rockwell Ave60
0071250 SE 89th St60
0081866 S Czech Hall Rd60
00910972 SW 44th St60
01010726 S Council Rd60
0113646 SW 119th St60
0127492 S Choctaw Rd60
01310022 SW 15th St60
0144555 S Cemetery Rd60
015SW 29th and Frisco St60
01613360 W Reno Ave60
01714806 NW 10th St60
018NW 122ndMustang RdNW 122nd St and Mustang Rd60
019Piedmont RdMemorial RdPiedmont Rd and Memorial Rd60
020Memorial Rd13566 W Memorial Rd60
0219230 Cemetery Rd N60
0228002 Eastern Pl60
0239996 W Wilshire Blvd60
02412875 Sara Rd60
0254450 NW 150th St60
0261960 NE 108th St60
0278846 NW 150th St60
02814600 N May Ave60
0296878 NW 150th St60
030Lakeshore DrSara RdLakeshore Dr East of Sara Rd60
03110580 NW 150th St60
032Britton Rd3142 Britton Rd60
033Britton and Air Depot60
03412022 N Coltrane Rd60
0356108 NE 108th St60
0368015 NE 122nd St60
03713282 N Douglas Blvd60
0388836 NE 108th St60
03910946 NE 108th St60
04010946 E Memorial Rd60
0417706 N Post Rd60
0427664 N Anderson Rd60
0437548 S Post Rd60
0447000 S Anderson Rd60
045SE 59th and Indian Meridian60
04610122 SE 44th St60
0474524 S Henney Rd60
04818674 SE 59th St60
04920002 SE 89th St60
0509604 S Luther Rd60
0517746 S Triple X Rd60
05211962 S Harrah Rd60
05311830 S Luther Rd60
05415060 192nd Ave NE60
05514898 SE 134th St60
056E Stella Rd and S Luther Rd60
05713454 S Anderson Rd60
05812976 SE 104th St (near Hiwasse Rd)60
05910418 E Lake Stanley Draper Dr (near SE 104th St)60
060SE 119th St and E Stanley Draper Dr60
061Sooner Rd and SE 149th St60
062Sooner Rd N of SE 149th60
0631668 N Council Rd60
064Richland and 59th60
065Morgan and 104th60
066Cimmaron and 74th60
067Cimmaron and 104th60
068104th and Reimets60
069104th and Czech Hall60
070SW 44th and Morgan60
071SW 89th and Bryant60
072SW 104th and Sunnylane60
073SE 160th and Midwest60
0745960 SE 104th60
075SW 164th and John 1460
076SW 36th and Thomas60
077Sara and NW 15th60
078NW 63rd and Morgan60
07959th and 15260
080NW 164th and May60
081NW122nd and County Line60
082Post and SE 160th60
08382nd near Britton60
084SE 89th and Sooner60
085SE 104th and Choctaw60
086NE 50th and Cedar Ridge60
087Memorial and Hiwassee60
088Hog Back Rd near60
089Markwell and SW 3rd60
090Nicklas and 20th60
091XXX Road and David Lane60
092Hefner and Indian Meridian60
093Memorial and Indian Meridian60
094US 66 and Indian Meridian60
095NE 178th and Indian Meridian60
096Choctaw and 150th60
097NE 50th and Hiwassee60
098NE 63rd and Midwest60
099May and 131st60
100Council and 74th60
101SW 119th and MacArthur60
102Walker and SW 104th60
103Park and Hudson60
104SW 29th and Trosper60
105Terminal Dr and Amelia Earhart Dr60
1063832 S Goff Ave60
1077834 SE 74th St60
108202 S Portland Ave60
1099098 S Santa Fe Ave60
11010468 S May Ave60
111398 N Ann Arbor Ave60
1121106 N Quapah Ave60
1133340 SW 15th St60
1142940 S Brock Dr60
11566th St and S Blackwelder Ave60
1167074 S Santa Fe Ave60
1176926 Camille Ave60
1185186 S Rhode Island Ave60
119Phillips Ave between 8th and 10th60
1202824 SW 74th St60
12113856 Pawnee Dr60
12213744 N Santa Fe Ave60
123Western Ave16340 N Western Ave60
124Western Ave18672 N Western Ave60
125NW 122nd6968 NW 122nd St60
126State Highway 74 and NW 122nd St60
1277773 NW 93rd St60
1289654 N County Line Rd60
129NE of Meridian and NW Expwy. on Lake Hefner60
1306900 W Wilshire Blvd60
1315834 W Hefner Rd60
132NW of NW 122nd and Trail Oaks Dr60
1331412 NW 122nd St60
1344872 N Linn Ave60
1353770 NW 51st St60
1364508 NW 60th St60
1373392 NW 30th St60
1381878 NW 27th St60
139Reno and Czech Hall60
1407149 N Classen Blvd60
1413118 E Memorial Rd60
142436 S Eckroat St60
143162 S Stiles Ave60
144Robinson and SW 17th60
145Carter Dr and Everest Ave60
146SW 30th and Hathaway60
147SW 44th and Western60
148Villa and 51st60
149SW 59th and Shalimar60
150Western AveSW 134th and Western60
151Kingsridge and Kingsgate60
152SW 89th and Kentucky60
153Wilshire and McKee60
154Classen and 94th60
155NW 47th and Classen60
156NW 63rd and Wildwood60
157Grand Dr and Lake Hefner Dr60
158General Pershing Blvd and Villa Ave60
159NW 8th and Shartel60
160Penn and SW 10th60
161Martin Luther King Ave and Remington Pl60
162NE 37th and Army60
163NE 18th and Highland60
164NE 19th and Sunnylane60
165Hercules and Will Rogers60
166SW 63rd and FAA Driveway60
16739th and Lindsay60
168Geraldine and 31st60
16921st and Stiles60
170Lela and NW 16th60
171Mackleman and 55th60