Contact Us

There are a number of ways to contact the South Canadian Amateur Radio Society (SCARS). We’re a group that lives to communicate, however, sometimes it appears that’s the last thing that gets done. Here’s the list of communication paths you may try.

Email Communication

While it’s not the quickest response, you’ll get the best responses via email. Feel free to contact us at


SCARS has a weekly newsletter that publishes every Friday. This newsletter is available online at any time at If you’d like to receive an email of this newsletter each week, please visit

Snail Mail

SCARS is set up to receive your incoming United States Postal Service messages. Send any inquiries, or membership information to the following address:

PO Box 720993
Norman, OK 73070-4769


SCARS members populate most of the local amateur radio repeaters. A list of these repeaters is available on the repeaters page.

Contact the Officers

The SCARS officers are listed on our web page, and you can contact one of them directly from our officers page.


SCARS has a Facebook group page, and it seems there’s always someone there. You can connect with the group at:


SCARS has Twitter account @W5NOR, send a tweet to see what’s goin’ on by clicking on this link.

The Twitter page is also available through a shortcut located at:

Repeater Blog

The technical committee maintains a repeater blog that talks about the trials and tribulations of running our repeaters at