SCARS Logo Items

The South Canadian Amateur Radio Society (SCARS) has created a number of logo items that you can either download or purchased to show your support for the club. Here we list those items. If you see something that you’d like made available for club members, please send us a message at [email protected].

Name Tags

Stephanie McGathy KG5EOO from ProLazerCutz can make all kinds of custom items like nametags, cups, vehicle signs, and lighted signs for your shack. As shown here, she has the SCARS logo on file and can create whatever you’re looking for. Her shop is just east of I-35 on I-240. Check out her website, and give her a call at 405-562-7129.


Full color, glossy 1.5″ diameter SCARS stickers are available from club officers. Use these to show your colors on your equipment vehicles, and documents. These cost $5.00 per sheet of 24, or about 25 cents each…

Coffee Mugs

A popular item is always a SCARS logo coffee mug. These are available for $15.00 each, from club officers.

Hats, Shirts, Blankets, Aprons and More From Embroidered Memories

We’ve made arrangements with John Robinson W5HB of Embroidered Memories to make our club logo available on any of the items listed at They also have an Etsy Store that lists some additional items like cups and glasses. John has our logo ready to embroider on shirts, hats, blankets, aprons, and more. On most designs, he can add your name, callsign, or SCARS logo to the piece to customize it for your use.

Hats, Shirts, Vests, and Jackets From Ham Threads

We’ve made arrangements with Dave Birdsley KF8WS of B&B Embroidery to make our club logo available on any of the items listed at Dave has our 3.5″ and 7.5″ logos ready to embroider on shirts, hats, jackets, and safety vests. On most designs he can add your name and/or callsign to the piece to customize it for your use.

The best news is that you’ll get all of this for 20% off of the listed prices on their website.

Here’s an image of the actual embroidery from the large (7.5″) logo from B&B Embroidery.

Here’s an image of the actual embroidery from the small (3.5″) logo from B&B Embroidery.

SCARS Logo Files

For the 40th anniversary of SCARS in 2017, the ‘meatball’ logo was rebuilt, and new PNG images are available. Since the displayed font is rather small, we’ve got three different font presentations available.

The first version has the most detailed font, (Times New Roman), and it looks better in larger presentations. This serif font is two colored (blank/white), and has a drop-down shadow.

The second version has a plain serif font (Times New Roman), and it looks better in medium-sized presentations.

The third version has the simplest font (Arial), and it looks better in small presentations.

Large Iron-On Patches

These 3″ diameter iron-on patches are available for $2 each. Instructions on how to iron-on these patches can be found here.

Large Stickers

Large 3″ SCARS stickers are available. These exterior UV coated stickers are $1 each.

Soft Enamel Pins

These 1.25″ diameter pins are available now. These have a single pin in the back. These pins cost $3 and can be purchased from the club treasurer, or at Elmer Night.

Cleveland County ARES Vests

To be ready for the next ARES event, either planned or unplanned, we’ve sourced some of these lovely retro-reflective vests. These run about $8.00 each and are ordered periodically. Contact [email protected] to order/obtain some of these.