Cleveland County SkyWarn

The South Canadian Amateur Radio Society (SCARS) has been involved in the SkyWarn program for decades.

SkyWarn Operations Plan

Access the Cleveland County SkyWarn Operations Plan by clicking here.

Programming your NOAA Alert Weather Radio

Have a NOAA Alert Weather Radio? Make sure you have the right FIPS Code programmed by clicking here.

Build a NOAA Weather Radio Antenna

The National Weather Service (NWS) has a great article on building an external antenna for your weather radio. A number of these radios have an RCA jack that can be used for this purpose. An RCA jack to F connector will make the connection easy. These connectors are available from the Norman Emergency Manager, David Grizzle, or through various Internet sources.

SkyWarn’s Three Goals

  1. Gather first-hand reports of weather events which meet or exceed severe thresholds (as defined by the NWS) and pass them on to the local Forecast office in a timely manner;
  2. Disseminate severe weather information to spotters in the field so they may better prepare themselves, their families, and/or their organizations;
  3. Provide timely severe weather information to local, county and state officials as needed.

Current Weather Data

There are a number of great sources of weather information available on the Internet. SCARS has a number of links from the Storm Prediction Center, available on the weather page.

Operational Mapping

A number of maps are available for the Cleveland County area emergency managers. These maps are restricted to local leaders for official use. If you need access to these to these, please contact Mark Kleine N5HZR.