Elmers – Mentors

In the amateur radio community, an experienced amateur radio operator who mentors a new or prospective ham is commonly called an “Elmer.” According to the ARRL, the first use of the term Elmer first appeared in QST in the March 1971 article, “How’s DX” column by Rod Newkirk, W9BRD (now also VA3ZBB). Newkirk called them “the unsung fathers of Amateur Radio.”

SCARS Elmer List

The following is a list of SCARS members that volunteer to be an Elmer to help new and old amateur radio operators learn new skills. This may be as simple as encouraging someone to “press-the-button” and get on the air, or something that involves designing and building that first antenna system. The Elmers shown here, with their specialties listed, will be happy to help you learn something new in the hobby.

Get on the List

If you would like to be added to this Elmer list, please send an email to [email protected] with your name, callsign, and the areas that you’d like to help in.

Thanks, Elmers…

On behalf of all of us that have been helped by an Elmer, thanks to those whose names appear on this list.

ARRL Elmer Award

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) has a program to acknowledge and reward Elmers for their service. No money is involved, and there is no competition; however, if you’d like to acknowledge someone who has helped you in your journey through amateur radio, please feel free to submit their name using the following ARRL Elmer Award form.

SCARS Elmer Hall-Of-Fame

The following is a list of Elmers that have helped SCARS members get where they are today. These Elmers have been nominated by someone that received value from their efforts.

  • KA5EFJ Ken Neptune by N5HZR
  • KZ5F, ex-N5BKX Richard S. Mitchell by KA5KXW
  • WD5HPU Jim Greenshields by N5HZR
  • KD5IT Davis Egle by N5HZR
  • W5MCN Leland Black by N5HZR
  • N5PT Paul Thompson by AD5GG
  • KD5WA Louis Russell by N5HZR

If you would like to add your Elmer to this list, send an email to [email protected], listing their name and callsign.