A Little About Us…

The South Canadian Amateur Radio Society (SCARS) is a 501(c)3 amateur radio organization based out of Norman, Oklahoma, United States of America.

SCARS Organization

SCARS was formed in the fall of 1977, working hard to spread knowledge about amateur radio and to also serve as a volunteer base during times of emergencies.

Want to join us? Visit the SCARS membership page to join online.

Non-Emergency Communications

Email is the preferred method to update SCARS members and friends with newsletters, SCARS club business, and occasional general news of interest to all amateurs. To stay involved, you can join our mailing list which sends out messages about once a week. Visit our online email signup page to subscribe today.

Is this a Canadian Club?

No, SCARS is not a Canadian Club. Norman, OK is located along the banks of the mighty Canadian River. Our area of the river is locally known as the South Canadian River. The founding fathers didn’t want to limit the scope of the club to a certain town, or village, so this name was chosen. Over 40 years later, we have expanded to include members from across the state, and country. With the Internet experience, we have even attracted regulars from around the globe. For more information on the South Canadian River area, please see the South Canadian River Facebook Group.

Community Service

Many of our members volunteer with emergency management groups in the area. For example, the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, (ARES) team and the Community Emergency Response Team, (CERT).

ARRL Special Services Club

SCARS is by the American Radio League as a Special Services Club. SCARS is a member of the Central Oklahoma Radio Amateurs, a group of clubs that coordinate amateur radio efforts across central Oklahoma.