SCARS Technician / General Class Outline

This is the outline for the SCARS combined Technician and General Amateur Radio licensing class. You can use this information for your own self-study.

Each week has a link that will let you download a PDF version of the slides for the week. The slides at the beginning that have a colored background are primarily for the Technician license. The pages at the end with the grey background are mostly for the General license. Review all of the pages, and you will be ready for both tests. Depending on your background, you should be able to work through this information in about 6 hours per week.

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No-Nonsense Technician Study Guide

Dan Romanchik KB6NU has a great 99 page study guide for the Technician class. Download this PDF for free at this link and see how it works for you.

Weekly Slide Presentations

The following are the PDF versions of the weekly slide presentations. Feel free to download and review these as you wish.

Week 1

Technician Chapter 1. Welcome to Amateur Radio
General Chapter 1. Introduction

Week 2

Technician Chapter 2. Radio Signals and Fundamentals
General Chapter 5. Radio Signals and Equipment
General Chapter 6. Digital Modes

Week 3

Technician Chapter 3. Electricity, Components, and Circuits
General Chapter 4. Components and Circuits

Some great Internet resources for use with the topics of this week.

volt ohm graphic

Week 4

For those preparing for the Technician exam, step through the materials in the link below, using module T7, as well as T9, and T0. VERY good overview and explanations:

For those preparing for the General exam, the materials that we ran through like our hair was on-fire or didn’t even get to, can be found in the link below in Sessions 7 & 8:

Technician Chapter 4. Propagation, Antennas, and Feedlines
General Chapter 7. Antennas
General Chapter 8. Propagation

Week 5

Technician Chapter 5. Amateur Radio Equipment
General Chapter 2. Procedures and Practices

Week 6

Technician Chapter 6. Communication With Other Hams
Technician Chapter 7. Licensing Regulations
General Chapter 3. Rules and Regulations

Week 7

Technician Chapter 8. Operating Regulations
Technician Chapter 9. Safety
General Chapter 9. Electrical and RF Safety

Week 8

Test Review