TechGen Week 1: Welcome to Amateur Radio

This is the class outline for week 1 of the SCARS 2018 Technician / General Class.

Week 1 Outline

Technician Chapter 1, Welcome to Amateur Radio

General Chapter 1, Introduction

Week 1 Question Pool

Today’s class will concentrate on the above listed topics, and the question pools that you can download here:

How the class works

8 weeks, Feb 6 through April 3, 6:30 pm – 9 pm (1830 – 2100)

We’ll skip March 20th for Spring Break.

Week 8, THURSDAY (April 5) is Exam Night

  • We don’t teach you how to pass the test; you do!
  • read book!
  • take sample tests! (see main class page for sites.
  • ask questions!
  • The Test
  • We believe that you WILL pass the test!
  • 2012: 18 took the test, 17 passed on test night, the other passed the 2nd time he took it
  • 35 multiple-choice questions, selected “randomly” from pool of 350+ questions
  • must answer 26+ questions correctly
  • all questions, and their answers, are in your book!
  • see main class page for sub-element breakdown
  • you can, and should, take “the test” over and over, for free
  • again, see main class page page for sites
  • Technician Exam Breakdown (35 Questions)
         SubElement	  Subject	                No. Questions
            T1        FCC Rules                      5
            T2        Methods of Communication       2
            T3        Radio Phenomena                2
            T4        Station Licensee Duties        3
            T5        Control Operator Duties        3
            T6        Good Operating Practices       3
            T7        Basic Comm. Electronics        3
            T8        Good Engineering Practice      6
            T9        Special Operations             2
            T0        Electrical, Antenna Structure
                        and RF Safety Practices      6
  • The Course
  • some courses just teach what you need to know to pass the test
  • we do some of that, but also try to teach you what you need to know to be a ham
  • bring $15
  • bring legal photo id
  • pencil and (optional) calculator

The following is a link to a PDF that provides an outline for this week.

Welcome to Amateur Radio