Field Day 2018

Field Day 2018 was held at the Cleveland County Red Cross, 1205 Halley Dr, Norman, OK. We operated as class 2F, with a CW transmitter in a tent and an SSB transmitter in the radio room. In addition, we had a free VHF transmitter running on 6 meters in the radio room with the SSB folks. And, our Get-On-The-Air (GOTA) transmitter was located in the lobby of the building. 

Field Day 2018 at the American Red Cross building in Norman, OK

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The CW crew operated on a 40/80 fan dipole, about 40′ in the air, in the North/South plane. The SSB crew used a 10/20/40 fan dipole about 35′ in the north/south plane. 

The GOTA station used three sections of chain link fence rail as a vertical. This antenna had a tuner at the base, and 300′ of RG-6 cable running back to the shack. This antenna was northeast of the building.

Lots of bad weather this year. We took a direct strike to the incoming power pole which took down Phase A in the building. Some quick rewiring and we were back in operation. 12 hours later the three transformers were replaced while we switched to battery power to continue transmitting on the 6 meter rig.

About 550 contacts were made, 14 VE tests were given, and the group chased a transmitter in a ‘fox hunt’.

See you next year.


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