Norman Red Cross Build Room

SCARS maintains a room at the Norman Red Cross, 1205 S. Halley Ave for the purpose of designing, building, and testing radio gear for the Red Cross, the club, and personal use. This room is about 6′ by 10′, and has two workbenches. Access to this room is available during one of the SCARS Elmer nights, or by contacting one of the SCARS Red Cross Elmers.

Test Bench

On the west wall of the room is a test bench that allows you to test your own equipment. Here you will find a power supply, a dummy load, and an antenna connection so you can connect a radio that you would like to test. Additionally we have voltmeters, test leads, and other gear to help you test your radio. If you simply need help operating your radio, an Elmer can help you get the radio for an on-the-air test.

Build Bench

The bench on the south wall is where you can build a project, repair a radio, or practice your skills with a soldering iron. Two stations will be available to double the fun. As we move forward, you’ll find more pieces and parts available for you to build. Members can obtain parts at cost, from the stock available. The money we collect will help provide more pieces and components for the next projects. If you need something that is not available, please contact an Elmer, and they’ll add it to the purchase list.

While leaving long-term projects in the building is discouraged, feel free to bring your project back as often as you need to.