Red Cross Radio Room

The radio room at the Norman Red Cross is in the southwest corner of the building. This room has a couple of operating stations that can be used during an actual emergency to communicate with stations across the county, state, or nation. More frequently, this station is used during Elmer Nights by SCARS members who want to talk with their fellow hams or train others to make these communications.

The first task was to make the room habitable. We added new lighting, a ceiling fan, station grounds, tower grounds, extra ceiling insulation, and a ton of coax. Some paint and cleaning the carpet finished the remodel, and it looked like this:

It doesn’t look like this anymore!

Station 1

On the west wall of this room is station #1. This station currently has an ICOM 706 Mark II G radio connected to a 10-15-20 meter beam and a 70 cm, 2 m, and 6 m vertical at the top of the tower.

Station 2

On the east wall of this room is station #2. On this station, you will find a Kenwood 530 and a Kenwood TS120. The 120 is a solid-state radio that has a 250 Hz CW filter. The 530 is a tube type radio. At this station is a connection to the 40 m / 80 m fan dipole that’s mounted 16′ off the ground in a Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS) configuration.