Winter Field Day 2021

The Winter Field Day Association (WFD) sponsors an Annual Winter Field Day competition. Each year this is on the fourth full weekend in January. This year it will be January 30 and 31. Rules, submission guidelines, and past results are available at This year we will _not_ be operating as a group, but club members will be participating from their home stations. Each of us will operate and submit separate logs, and we will include the EXACT name of “South Canadian ARS” in the CLUB: line (as detailed in the WFD rules shown below.)

You’ll probably operate as a ‘home’ station in their rules, unless you venture to another area, and qualify for the indoor or outdoor classes. So, start building or rebuilding your station for Winter Field Day!

Covid 19 Pandemic scoring changes for Clubs/Groups:

These changes apply ONLY to groups who, due to the Pandemic, won’t/can’t be congregating to compete this year. If your group wishes, you may have a “group/club” score tallied by having individual members fill in the “CLUB:” line in their Cabrillo log file (above). Individual members would send in a log under their own callsign (operating under their own privileges) with the name or callsign of the group noted on the “CLUB:” line. If a simple callsign is used in the “club” line, it cannot be one used in the contest or on another member’s entry log (it’ll confuse the scoring software). If your group uses a club name, be sure to advise everyone in your group to use the exact same unique name. Choose wisely Grasshopper! There are dozens of clubs with the same abbreviation (as in LARC, PARC, etc), but it’s unlikely there’s more than one Livonia ARC, or Lincoln ARC. Club scores will be the aggregate of the individual members’ scores, regardless of how they operated ad will be posted as distinct “Club/Group” scores once tallied. Your individual members’ logs and scores will be tallied and posted as well (each under their own call), the same as any other entrant. It might be a good idea to have someone in your club/group collect members’ logs and check them to ensure the logs are correct before sending them in. It’ll save us time and you aggravation. “Club/Group” scores will likely be the last to be posted as we can’t be sure all the individual logs are in until the actual log deadline.

See you on-the-air at Winter Field Day 2021 and feel free to coordinate your activities on-the-air!