Zedd, Q.R.

Q.R. Zedd was a running feature in the Central Oklahoma Radio Amateur’s (CORA) newsletter entitled the “Collector and Emitter”. This feature ran monthly from September 1981 through April 1990. Local author, amateur radio operator, and SCARS member, silent key (SK) KU5B ex WB5TZZ Jack Bickham wrote these for his own enjoyment, and for the local Oklahoma City amateur radio community. In these 103 stories, the tales of the great Q.R. Zedd A5A are documented, with a number of the local hams woven into the storyline. Some took great pride in being included in the stories, others, not so much.

It is told that these stories were loosely based on the life and times of Gordon Jones W5OU, in superhuman form. To celebrate the Fortieth Anniversary of the publication of these stories, we have published them here, and in the weekly newsletter, to celebrate the new online presentation of these documents.